Mountain Air Studios is a professional multi-track digital audio recording facility capable of recording your project in-studio or on-location with amazing digital quality. Whether you want to record an important conference call for training purposes, your band at the club gig this weekend, or a voice talent for your commercial advertising production, Mountain Air Studios is ready to help you. With a multitude of professional quality microphones, solid audio chains and professional engineers, we will capture your sound with stunning clarity. At Mountain Air Studios, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best quality, most affordable, digital productions possible within your budget and delivered on time.


When it comes to recording a high quality music project there are a few vital things can make a huge difference in the finished sound of your recording. You need talent, great sounding comfortable rooms, quality microphones with the proper audio chain, and finally the most important part of the equation: an experienced sound engineer who knows what to do behind the controls. When you choose Mountain Air Studios, you have all your bases covered. We have a great custom facility that offers the perfect blend of the gear you need to make a great recording along with the comfortable space you need to cultivate your creativity. We focus not only on getting excellent sounding tracks, but also on making sure you have a great recording experience. Spend less, and have a good time doing it, with the pro's at Mountain Air Studios.


Josh and Matt in studio


If you've ever felt like a fish in a bowl during a recording session, you know how negatively it can affect your playing and your overall recording experience. One of the best ways to capture a truly great recording is to be completely comfortable when you do it. NO distractions, NO weird feelings, NO bad vibes. All you need is your favorite instrument, a great sounding comfortable space with professional engineers and, POW, an explosion of wonderful sound. When you work with Mountain Air Studios you will have access to a multitude of cool spaces, vintage instruments and great people that understand how to give you a stress-free creative environment so you can concentrate on making good music. Call 503.347.9988 to book your session or to schedule a tour.


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